The Dilemma of Homeowners: Should You Replace Your Wooden Fence or Get it Professionally Stained?

wooden fence

Struggling with an old, worn-out fence but can’t decide whether to repair it or replace it? Many homeowners face problems with their wooden fence after a couple of years. Excessive dust, sunlight, snow and rainy weather are some of the factors that result in damage. These factors can also give your fence a run-down appearance.

But the million dollar question that arises is whether to replace your wooden fence or to get it professionally stained. The answer to that depends on the overall condition of your fence.

When you have a punctured tire, do you replace it or have it fixed? Similarly, the situation depends on how your fence is and whether or not it can be salvaged.

Getting Your Fence Professionally Stained

Before you decide to get your fence repaired or stained, it’s important to understand the benefits of staining and repairing.

One of the major benefits of staining your fence is that it will protect the wood from further damage. It repairs withered wood and protects the fence from the sun’s U.V rays.

In addition to this, if you’ve recently painted your fence, it’s the perfect way to protect the colors from fading away. Throughout the year, wooden fences are vulnerable to the sunlight, rain and snow. The heat and moisture makes the structure weak.

Staining your fence will extend its life and the application used is mildew, moisture and water proof. Furthermore, it’s useful for preventing against cracks and splitting.

There are three choices for staining:

  • Solid Staining:This hides crevices, spots and faults of the wooden fence
  • Semi-Transparent Staining:Gives the fence a nice, smooth and shiny appearance
  • Transparent:A glossy finish that protects the fence’s natural texture and appearance.

Getting Your Fence Replaced

Fence ProfessionallyIf the damage to your fence is beyond repairs, it’s time to replace your fence. A professional fence company Alpharetta GA will be able to tell you whether or not you need a replacement.

But one of the perks of getting your fence replaced is that it creates more value for your property. Since wooden fences are known to be the traditional American fences, a new fence is bound to add value. Furthermore, it will come with a warranty so you can get it fixed whenever there is a problem.

A new fence will also have durability and if you get it stained, you can extend its life.

Same Day Fence specializes in fence installation and repairs. The company also offers labor warranty. If you are looking for fence company Atlanta, visit their website or call (770) 852-0853 for further details.


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