Fencing Rules and Regulations in Atlanta

fence rules Atlanta

If you’ve recently purchased a home in Atlanta and want to change the way your garden looks, the last thing on your mind would be rules and regulations for fences. While it sounds odd at first, there are legal regulations you have to follow in order to begin the process of reconstructing or refurbishing your home.

Many individuals are unaware of federal laws and legal procedures before they purchase their homes. Therefore, they forget about backup plans and loopholes when they are sketching a draft of what their dream house should look like.

Furthermore, it is important to look into legal obligations before it becomes a lengthy and tedious procedure. Consulting a lawyer is beneficial.

When making a plan to replace or remove an old fence, make sure you know the following:

The Fence is Yours

If the fence you are planning to remove is between a neighbor’s yard and yours, it’s important to discuss your plans with them. This is because while it may look like the fence is on your property, it could be your neighbor’s.

It is considered violation and trespassing if you interfere or run down another individual’s property — even if it’s shared.

So make sure that the fence you are trying to replace does, in fact, belong to you.

Get a City Permit

When plans are made, it’s important that the state government approves of them before they’re set to start. The same goes for fences. While it is not it’s mandatory in some counties to get a building permit, it’s a good idea to do so. The city of Atlanta has zones and districts. Each has its own codes and regulations. Send a request so that you can get an official approval for the fence you want to replace.

Legal Regulations for Gates

fence gateSome counties have laws for gates. The requirement depends on where you are residing but a few of the requirements are:

Maintenance of Landscapes: Landscapes and greenery is not to be destroyed via your construction projects and plans. This includes fencing. Therefore, make sure that you are careful and cautious whilst reinstalling your fence.

Fence and Wall Accessories:  In some parts of Atlanta, it is mandatory that the accessories/materials you install for walls should not be opaque or transparent. The same goes for fences. If you’re painting your fence, it has to be a color that does not make the fence look opaque. Therefore, it’s a good idea to research into the laws of the area you reside in.

The Height of the Fence: The height is important whilst installing a fence. Make sure it’s 6.5 feet high. However, check with your county’s regulations. The height of your fence will depend on the area you are in. It’s best to consult an Atlanta fencing company.

In addition, it is important to remember that your fence is at least 10-25 feet away from roads if your house is located on an intersection.

For further information, you can visit Atlanta’s local website.

If you are looking for a fence company for fence installation Atlanta, visit Same Day Fence today.


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