Preventing Pests and Bugs in Your Backyard


fence for prevention from pests

If you have a garden in your backyard for relaxing, it can become problematic to sit there for your evening tea if there are bugs everywhere. From mosquitoes to beetles, the only time during the day when you can relax becomes stressful.

You’ve tried every trick in the book; calling pest control, sprayed bug spray and added strong pesticides. But that only resulted in damage to your garden and plants.

If you live in an area with excessive humidity, you can expect insects to hide themselves under the soil of your garden during daytime and come out during the night. This is because the soil has a cooling effect and provides protection from the sun.

How a Fence Can Help

Wooden fences are the most popular and common choice when it comes to installing a fence for your home. However, the problem with most wooden fences is that they require a lot of care and caution. This is because moisture can encourage the growth of mold and fungi. When bacteria start eating away at the wood, it becomes stained with a greenish-yellow color. Not only is it unappealing, it allows bugs to build a nest inside.

So what can be done? The solution is simple: an aluminum private fence. This is because aluminum is stronger, harder and of better quality compared to wooden fences.

The Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

The problem with wooden fence is that it is not safe against unpredictable weather conditions. Rain, thunderstorms, hail and sandstorms are all enemy number one. Furthermore, sunlight, fires and floods are also on the list of villains de jour.

As stated before, moisture and heavy snow leads to bacterial growth and chipping of wood. Wood fences are famous for their design and ‘traditional’ look. But traditional and fancy doesn’t always mean the best money can buy.

Aluminum fencing is recently becoming popular —for good reason too. Not only is it of top notch quality, it is impenetrable. That means bugs and pests cannot get in from small gaps underneath. There are various designs and types in aluminum fences so it’s better to hire a Woodstock fencing company to guide you and install it for you.

Furthermore, moisture, snow and rain cannot damage the material of fence. This means that there will be no bacterial growth and insects to eat away at it. Furthermore, it is easily cleanable and can be maintained with ease.

If you are looking for a fence installation Kennesaw GA company, visit Same Day Fence today.


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